The G3 NXT Story

G3NXT is a well-established retail company with a long journey of growth and expansion. It all began in March 1983 when Mr. Shankarlal Patel opened the first store, "Aakar," in Surat. Four years later, in March 1987, the company established its first G3 Family Store, spanning 3000 sq. ft., at Lalgate Chautapul in Surat.

The company continued to flourish, and in September 1993, they introduced an exclusive store called 'LG Boutique' that catered specifically to women's wear. Then, in March 1999, G3 expanded its offerings by opening a new store for men and kids' wear at Lalgate.

In September 2000, the old G3 Family Store underwent renovation and transformation into an exclusive women's wear store. The company's growth trajectory continued in March 2006 when they launched the largest family store in Gujarat, spanning an impressive 30,000 sq. ft., located at Ghoddod Road, Sutaria Township, Surat.

Recognizing the changing trends and customer preferences, G3 took a significant step in September 2010 by launching its online store, '', founded by Mr. Jigar Patel. This move allowed them to reach a wider customer base and tap into the growing e-commerce market. Additionally, in March 2011, G3 embraced video calling technology and introduced 'G3 Goes Live,' enabling customers to shop remotely

In September 2014, G3 became the first omni-channel store in Surat by introducing western apparel brands on their website. This integration of online and offline shopping experiences provided customers with more convenience and options.

The company's expansion efforts continued, and in September 2015, they opened another store named G3 Start, located in Adajan, Surat. G3's commitment to growth and customer satisfaction led to the establishment of G3 Clustor at Parle Point, Surat, in September 2019.

In May 2022, the company underwent a rebranding and emerged as G3NXT. They opened a premium and extensive store covering an impressive 60,000 sq. ft. The store offers updated collections in both women's and men's categories, with each floor professionally maintained by a highly experienced staff. G3NXT employs over 200 dedicated individuals who contribute to the store's success.

To further enhance their online presence and expand their international services, in June 2023, G3NXT plans to introduce G3NXT Video Shopping Service. This new offering aims to provide customers with a unique and interactive shopping experience through video-based interactions.

Throughout their journey, G3NXT has evolved and adapted to the changing retail landscape, striving to provide quality products and exceptional customer service both in-store and online.